Nicole Richie Tattoos Designs

Nicole Richie Tattoos DesignsNicole Richie has several tattoos of her own nine to be exact. Back in 2005 Nicole held the number two spot on a list of the Top 25 Tattooed Celebrities. As you can guess the heavily tattooed but lovely none the less Angelina Jolie came in at number one.

Nicole has lived a very troubled life but she has seemed to have gotten things pulled together since the birth of her daughter Harlow. Nicole is no stranger to the tattoo gun and loves to show off her nine tattoos to the world.

Nicole Richie Tattoos DesignsHere's a list of Nicole's Tattoos:

1. Rosary on Her Ankle and Foot
2. Angel Wings on Her Shoulder Blades
3. "Richie" and a Ribbon on the Back of Her Neck
4. Tiara on Her Hip, Not a Spider like some thought
5. Red Shooting Star on the Insider of Her Right Wrist
6. "Virgin" on Her Left Wrist
7. Ballerina Slippers on Her Stomach
8. Cross on Her Lower Back
9. Spray of Dots on an Unknown Finger

However, it seems that Nicole isn't too keen on the idea of Harlow and any other future children wanting to go out and get inked when they became of age. Nicole told Access Hollywood when she was eight months pregnant with baby Harlow she hoped Harlow wouldn't want to get tattoos.

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