Gemini Tattoos Why The Popularity?

Gemini tattoos in recent years have really taken off. Many people have asked me why this is. Today I will try and answer that question and hopefully the reasoning will make sense to everyone else. One of the first things people must remember for a tattoo to be popular it must be universal which is what gemini tattoos are. Here are some of the reasons for their popularity.

1. The Gemini tattoo is unisex which means it appeals to both males and females. When you have this it will stay popular for a very long time.

2. Gemini tattoos can be done in a variety of colors which is very important. Not everybody likes the same colors so have a broad base of colors to choose form is very important indeed.

3.There also is a large database of Gemini tattoos to choose from as well. More designs means usually more popularity and that works with the Gemini tattoo as well.

4. This style of tattoo can be drawn freehand by the tattoo artist as well as a design that you come up with yourself.

These are just some of the reasons that the Gemini tattoo has become so popular. You probabkly already know someone who has one.

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